Corrugated Sheets
  • Corrugated Sheets

Corrugated Sheets

What do you call cardboard sheets with multiple uses? Corrugated Sheets. No joke. These are super-useful sheets that you can use as Layer Pads when stacking pallets, or they’ll give sturdy protection for flat surfaces, or you can use them to maintain the shape of your goods in transit. They’re all-round winners and, being both recycled and recyclable, will enhance your eco-profile too. 

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Reference Size (mm) Description
SW2535LP 250 x 350 Single Wall
SW3045LP 300 x 450 Single Wall
SW79119LP 790 x 1190 Single Wall
SW1012LP 1000 x 1200 Single Wall
DW57TEC 590 x 740 Double Wall
DW611TEC 611 x 611 Double Wall