Eco-friendly initiatives were once quite novel within the business world, where “going green” tended to be something only niche and forward thinking companies would promote. Moving on a few years, it has quickly become evident the importance of everyone needing to play a part in preserving our environment with organisations calling for more collective, eco-friendly efforts to sustain the planet, meaning a less novel and more standard practice for most businesses.

We, as a company feel we have an important role to play in this. Being able to offer leading, and up to date solutions for our customers to reduce their carbon footprint is something we pride ourselves on.

Realising everyone’s processes and needs are different, our ethos is to work with our clients, offering free advice and examples of ways in which they can deliver a more sustainable packaging solution. This isn’t always just about the packaging itself, sometimes it can be as simple as how an item is being packed.

Working closely with our suppliers, to identify new and improved initiatives to be able to offer and supply our customers with the most up to date products available, we are confident we can offer a more sustainable packaging future for you and our planet.

Contact one of our expert sales team to arrange a free, no obligation packaging audit visit, and set us the challenge of reducing your carbon footprint!